Window Repair & Replacement

Sun Contractors understands the importance of shielding your homes envelope from the heat of summer and keeping the cool air from escaping through glass surfaces or leaks surrounding the window. Our glass technicians will provide a free onsite inspection of your current windows and make recommendations for repairs or replacement windows based on the design, construction and energy needs of your home. In our showroom we carry a complete line of dual pane, triple pane and eglass windows manufactured locally by Superior Replacement Windows of Arizona.

Sun Contractor reviewing a window repair jobBelow are some considerations for your window repair or replacement project based on our experience. We always encourage our customers to contact us to have a brief discussion regarding their project as early in the decision making process as possible. This saves time, money and ensures window products and materials are readily available to meet your timeline.

Installing energy efficient windows in an older home can require a substantial financial investment. Homeowners who need to reduce the heat gain and loss through older windows without incurring the expense of replacing them can take several steps to improve overall efficiency.

The first step is to search for air leaks around each window frame. Even the smallest gap will allow air to flow freely between the indoors and outdoors. One easy way to detect a gap is to close the window on top of a sheet of paper. If the paper fails to tear when pulling it out, the window and frame are not creating an airtight seal.

The installation of weather stripping and caulking in the cracks and holes near joints will stop air leaks. The energy savings will pay for the price of these inexpensive materials in less than a year.

Butyl rubber, latex, and silicone caulking will fill any crack or hole. Remove the old caulk before applying the new caulk to all the joints. For the best results, caulk when outdoor humidity levels are low and the temperature is above 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Weather stripping is made of foam, felt, rubber, metal or vinyl and seals gaps around the frame. Foam material with an adhesive back is the easiest to apply and will last up to three years when installed properly. Reinforced foam is more difficult to install but is more effective against wind gusts.

Hanging heavy, lined curtains, shutters or shades in the window can also prevent heat loss during the winter and heat gain during the summer. Honeycomb shades are the most efficient because they are designed to trap air and provide insulation.

When to Hire a Glass Repair Professional

In some cases, contacting a glass repair professional is a better option than calling a window repair contractor. An individual trained specifically in glass repair can restore the window quickly and minimize the time the building is vulnerable to the elements.

Here are some common glass repairs:

1. Pane Replacement

If a single pane of glass is cracked or broken, it is usually less expensive to install a new pane than replace the window.

2. Scratch, Chip and Crack Repair

Sometimes, specialists can repair a chip or crack without replacing the pane. They can apply glass epoxy to fill chips or cracks. After the repair is buffed out, the damage is practically invisible.

Buffing scratched glass with a rubbing compound can sometimes improve the texture and appearance.

3. Preventing Condensation

When triple or dual pane windows age, they become less able to maintain the airtight seal. This can often result in the formation of condensation between the panes. Window repair technicians are able to remove the moisture and reseal the glazing saving homeowners the cost of installing new windows.

4. Noisy Windows

If a window buzzes or rattles in response to loud music or traffic driving by outside, the panels are loose. A professional can apply caulking or sealant to make sure the glass holds tight to the frame.

Window Tint and Glazing Installation

Applying window film is a cost effective and simple way to save on heating and cooling costs. Homeowners can choose from films that prevent the loss of heat to the exterior of the home or films that reflect the sun’s rays and prevent heat from entering the home. Film is available in many different styles, including dark tint, a mirror-like finish, or transparent film that does not interfere with the view through the window.

The film consists of a thin layer of plastic or polyester and is glued to the interior surface of the glass by the consumer or a professional installer. Because tinted films block sunlight from entering a room, additional artificial lighting may be necessary. A reflective film blocks the sun with a metal oxide coating that looks like a mirror from the outside during daylight hours. A low-emissivity film blocks some wavelengths of light while admitting others. The metallic coating is treated to help with heat retention or heat resistance.

Installation requires cleaning the glass, spraying the surface with a special solution, cutting the film, applying the film and getting rid of air bubbles. The process is simple but time consuming and requires a steady hand and patience. Static cling or removable film is simple to apply and requires no adhesive.

Contact Sun Contractors for a free in home evaluation of your current windows and we’ll help guide you before, during and after your window repair and replacement project.

Roof Repair & Replacement

Roof Repair & Replacement

Roofing can be an extremely dangerous task and is definitely one best left for the professionals, whether you simply need a few roof tiles replaced, some repair work done, or an entirely new roof installation. It is not only the repair of roofs that homeowners are concerned about, but eventually roofs need replacing. One of the most expensive parts of a building is replace a roof, so be sure to get the best person for the job with a good price. A roofing contractor repairs and replaces roofs on homes and commercial buildings. Most roof contractors are self-employed, although some construction firms hire large numbers of roofing contractors to handle major projects.

Homeowners often hire roofing contractors to repair damage caused by storms, water leaks, fires and similar events. Homeowners whose roofs are not repairable can hire a roofing contractor to install a new roof. In some cases there will be sub-contracted roofing contractors to help with the installation of large projects. They often specialize in installing certain kinds of roofs, like tile or metal roofs. Many roofing contractors specialize in the installation of solar panels. Usually they previously worked as electricians. Prior to insuring a residential or commercial property the insurance company can require homeowners to pay for a roofing inspection. This inspection is done by a roofing contractor. Please contact us for more info.


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